Your role is key! It is to make everyone feel welcome to participate and enjoy Futureperfect Festival 2014. Everyone who arrives at Grinda will receive a welcome pack flyer that will inform them of what Futureperfect is all about. You will be one of the first people to meet our guests when they arrive on the island, so please be professional, friendly, informative and helpful at all times! Other people will also be visiting Grinda and not be coming to the festival, so please be respectful and polite when asking if they would like some information and a welcome pack to the event. Visitors to Grinda can arrive at either the South Pier, Private pier or the North Pier. We have asked all guests to enter at the South Pier. Would-be participants who don’t have a ticket can purchase one at the INFO/WELCOME point or the COFFEE tent.


What is Futureperfect:

Futurepefect exists to connect people to ideas, to feelings, to each other, to projects, and to the world around them – in a way that enables change to happen. It’s not about information, or business networking, or empty partying: it’s about how, by bringing people together in a great way, great things happen. Any excellent company, university, party, festival, relationship, meal, experience, is more than the sum of its, often simple, parts. Our goal is to choose great components for an informative, creative, fun, welcoming event – and then go way beyond them, by combining them well. The program: Open Dialogues, Forums, Cocreation and Pro Dialogues


The CoCreation Hub is the space where both structured and spontaneous conversations happen, where guests can get involved in the following:

  • Join a conversation: join in by signing up for a topic you like and start a conversation – grab a sheet and post a topic.
  • Chill out: come to connect and relax
  • Program: seminars, forums, music

The CoCreation Hub dialogues starts at 10:00 and finishes at 19:00. Tickets for the CoCreation Hub are available from the Information Station and the Coffee tent. CoCreation tickets cost 1 DAY 350 SEK and 3 DAYS 950 SEK. Students and children younger than 16 can buy 3 day tickets for  350 SEK (only 3 day tickets available). CoCreation opens from 10.00 15, 16 and 17 august.


The Pro Dialogues are panel discussions and a series of short lectures by experts. Each lecture is followed up by a moderator and everyone is involved in the conversation. The Pro Dialogues have four focus areas – you will choose one each day on arrival:

  • Finance
  • Cities
  • Culture & Creativity
  • Sustainable Development & CSR

Pro Dialogues are held in the meeting rooms at Grinda Wärdshus on August 14 and 15. Pro Dialogue tickets cost 1250 SEK (+ moms) for one day and 2350 SEK (+ moms) for two days and give access to everything on site. A premium lunch in the Wärdshus, and dinner in the Festival field, are available separately to Pro ticket holders as a special packet price, see food tickets below.


Food tickets are bought separately and do not include alcohol. Pro Dialogues guests can buy a special day package with lunch, dinner and fika for 450 SEK (+ moms). Regular food tickets cost 95 SEK for lunch and 135 SEK for dinner.



  • Your job is to Welcome and Engage.
  • Approach and greet everyone who comes off the ferry; introduce yourself and ask if they are attending the event.
    • If YES – Then point them along the path to the event and ask them to register at the Information Station.
    • If NO – Hand them a flyer and mention that they can check us out and that we are located at the tents in front of the Grinda Wärdshus.
  • You need to be at the South Pier (Södra Grinda) when each ferry arrives to welcome guests (09:30 (thurs-fri), 10:10 (sun), 10:15 (sat), 10:50, 10:55, 11:20, 11:45, 13:10, 13:30 (sat), 15:30 (sun), 15:45, 16:45 (sat-sun), 17:20 (sat-sun), 17:25 (thurs-fri), 18:50, 19:10 (thurs), 19:20 (fri), 19:30 (fri)).
  • Useful information: Ferry return times Södra Grinda and Norra Grinda available here http://www.waxholmsbolaget.se/webroot/documents/107/11Bsommar14.pdf


  • Responsible for registration of TICKET HOLDERS and SPEAKERS/GUESTS – welcome the guest, tick off their name and provide:
    • Colour coded wristband: Volunteers (BLUE), Pro-Dialogues (ORANGE), CoCreationSpeaker (SILVER), CoCreation Guests (GREEN), Lunch tickets only (Pink) – Vol Lunch is 60 kronor, Pro Dialogues is 450 kronor.
    • Map of event
    • Map of Grinda
    • Ferry times – printed out and on a laminated piece of paper.
    • Daily schedule of Pro-Dialogues and CoCreation.
  • Sell tickets – They need a lesson on how to use the machine – have them teach the next shift on the day. Use of Bank Giro slips – what to do/what it means (process around FP receiving payment).


  • We charge 20 kr for coffee – use cash box provided and record number of coffee and amount received on Sales Sheet.
  • Lactose free and normal milk in fridge in Lanthandel Food preparation
  • Lunch and Dinner:
    1. Look at menu
    2. Plan each part
    3. Start early and confirm numbers for lunch at the Information Desk at 11:00.
    4. Have lunch in the Volunteer Chill Out Tent. Food service – It will be taken up by Grinda staff once they have been called by the Lunch Team Leader – Call Tobias and he will take the food from the hostel to the Control tent 073 4036 897. Food will be handed out to Volunteers and staff only in the Control tent! Colour coded wristband for who gets lunch: Volunteers (BLUE), CoCreation Speaker (SILVER).
    5. Food clean up and preparation for dinner
    6. Food preparation – Dinner – Menus have been completed and volunteers who are staying on the island and for dinner are asked to volunteer to make, serve and clean up.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER We will take all the material that is produced from the COCREATION boards and summarise in some creative way – see the Futureperfect website for updates.