Welcome to the LIVING WELL Program of Futureperfect Festival! This page clarifies what you can expect and how your input will be set up and what we need from you. Your Experience is covered in the first part of the document, and Your Logistics, lower down. Feel free to discuss with us any part of this, according to your own ideas and needs. Keep in touch with your contact – the person who you were sent this by – otherwise, program@futureperfect.se

We don’t need to break even through ticket sales this year – so to boost numbers I would like you to be able to bring new (and seasoned) listeners around you, so I invite you use an upgraded guest pass concept for those you most want to participate. Tell them to come to the event, mention your name as a password, and they will be given a guest ticket.
Guests also have free access to our Guest Camping option, which is a large, shared tent, with floor and decoration, near to the contributors and amenities (kitchen and showers): only bring a sleeping bag, bed roll, and towel in this case, to stay for the whole event.
For less close associates, feel free to promote widely the discount code 20pc, which gives a 20% discount when applied on the website.


Futureperfect has created the LIVING WELL program as part of Futureperfect Festival to demonstrate that sustainable living is really no different from really LIVING WELL – we welcome the health, sport, personal development, coaching, spirituality and related communities into the conversation on sustainable living. This is the next stage of the conversation on LIVING WELL without compromise. In the LIVING WELL program, we expect that between 10-20 practitioners of LIVING WELL activities will offer either one of, or both of, the following

  • private individual sessions of no more than one hour, using relevant techniques, through a booking system run by Futureperfect Festival, where 70% of the fee is kept by the practitioner and 30% is kept by the Festival
  • some free public, group activities, as scheduled within the daily program. For you, this is an opportunity for you (by specific agreement) to showcase your capacity and passion for this area of work, in particular your own work and techniques/tradition,

and will benefit in the following ways

  • get paid for treatments offered, and reach new clients
  • inspire and motivate new engagement in personal wellbeing and sustainable living
  • enjoy networking with experts in related wellbeing areas, and across the field of sustainable living
  • be celebrated as a leader, and have a great time at the Futureperfect Festival!
  • being presented as a Program Partner of the event, if this is not suitable please let us know



For a private, individual session

  • private tent-based venue with covered floor
  • one hour session slots in the printed/onsite schedule. These may be booked onsite through the Festival at an agreed rate, with 50% of the fee going each to the practitioner and the Festival

For an open, group session

  • a suitable outdoor space for 20-40 people (in a tent by agreement)
  • one hour sessions in the printed/onsite schedule. This must be offered free of charge, by pre-arrangement

Beyond your session

  • free access for you and one colleague/friend
  • food for Futureperfect Festivals four days (this is included in the festival)
  • lots of great experiences beyond the program
  • opportunities to continue interaction in the CoCreation Central, see http://futureperfect.se/cocreation
  • one A3 display place in the Marketplace onsite
  • discount access to additional display space in the Marketplace, see http://futureperfect.se/marketplace


For your sessions (and please arrange if you think necessary)

  • treatment tables
  • equipment
  • liability insurance (you must be insured suitably according to your treatment)

Beyond your sessions

  • accommodation (but we can help find it, contact us on stay@futureperfect.se)

more free tickets/deals than the 2 free tickets and ticket code offer listed here, unless by agreement

  • opportunities to display material, distribute flyers/cards beyond your A3 slot, and any additional paid-for spaces, in the Marketplace – it’s messy and lame, otherwise


  • arrange your own booking and/or payment
  • use the session spaces to arrange bookings (use other onsite spaces instead)
  • put up marketing material in the session spaces (you may distribute cards/flyers)
  • arrange sessions outside the agreed schedule, whether in a session space or outside


  • your action to invite your network to participate in your workshop, and the Futureperfect Festival, through buying tickets to Futureperfect Festival 14-17 August.
  • in particular visible promotion on social media: Twitter, Facebook, websites, blogs
  • your personal and organisational bio/summary, headshot of you, logo and weblinks, send to program@futureperfect.se if you haven’t already
  • your A3 promotion item for the Marketplace, send in PDF form to program@futureperfect.se by 1 August
  • completion of your info in the Event Register, see http://2014.futureperfect.se/talent


  • an A5 flyer with which to promote your session, including your logo and weblinks
  • promotion in our marketing materials including web, Twitter/FB, poster, PR, blog
  • a personal promotional code to track the tickets sold through you, and you will receive one free ticket for every 6 sold with this code.
  • you/your organization will be highlighted at the Futureperfect Festival with logo, website and materials


  • documentation of your input, and your logo and weblinks on Futureperfect Festival
  • invitation to Futureperfect events throughout the year where you will be identified as Festival Partners


  • ideas, innovation, criticism around the Futureperfect and Futureperfect Festival concept – that is, creating a new platform for serious engagement by professionals and regular people around sustainable living themes, contact us at more@futureperfect.se
  • joining the Futureperfect Ekonomisk Förening, and shaping the future of the project, at futureperfect.se


Your input will be scheduled for between 1000 14 August and 1900 17 of August. The languages of the event are English and Swedish, depending on the audience. We encourage all participants, speakers, facilitators, leaders and explorers to enjoy the entirety of the festival and stay throughout to celebrate and co-create the festival experience. Your programming, scheduling, and logistics will be finalised and confirmed with you on or by 1 August. We reserve the right to cancel, reschedule or reorganise sessions if we believe the attendance will not be suitable or sufficient to ensure a quality outcome.