Welcome as a Forum speaker at Futureperfect Festival 2014. This page clarifies what we hope you will take away from this experience, what you can expect and how your input will be set up and what we need from you. Your Experience is covered in the first part of the document, and Your Logistics, lower down.

Feel free to discuss with us any part of this, according to your own ideas and needs. Keep in touch with your contact – the person who you were sent this by – otherwise,


We have invited world-class speakers – including you – to speak at the Forums in order to supply inspiration, ideas, information and engaged discussion to the public in the format of one or more, one-hour Forums, consisting of a panel debate with around 3 speakers and a facilitator around either one or two simple themes and a more specific starting question (set by us, in agreement with the speakers).

It is an opportunity for you to

  • Frame the leading edge of the sustainability conversations in the theme(s) agreed
  • Be celebrated as a leader in your specialized field
  • Inspire and motivate new discussions
  • Enjoy quality networking with other experts, organisations, and the engaged public
  • Have a great time at the Futureperfect Festival!

Practically, this means being one of the leading voices in one or more one-hour events, focussed on engaging the general public, and open-minded experts, and passionate folk. It’ll be fun, informal, engaging – hopefully power and change-making. The culture is about showing off exciting people (that means you) – and their expertise and passion – without props or lecturing.

We’ve done this before – it really works.  We also know that, with your background, limited if any preparation is required. Our facilitators will make sure we get the best from you. The story is as much you yourself as what you have to say! Most of the discussions will be English, as the event is intended to be international in scope. If you would like to speak Swedish, you are more than welcome as the Facilitator will gladly translate. The idea is to be yourself!

We don’t need to break even through ticket sales this year – so to boost numbers I would like you to be able to bring new (and seasoned) listeners around you, so I invite you use an upgraded guest pass concept for those you most want to participate. Tell them to come to the event, mention your name as a password, and they will be given a guest ticket.
Guests also have free access to our Guest Camping option, which is a large, shared tent, with floor and decoration, near to the contributors and amenities (kitchen and showers): only bring a sleeping bag, bed roll, and towel in this case, to stay for the whole event.
For less close associates, feel free to promote widely the discount code 20pc, which gives a 20% discount when applied on the website.


The themes and number of Forums you are speaking in should now have been fixed with you, and you should know who your Facilitator is. We may not be able to tell you the precise date / time of your Forum(s) yet within the Festival days, but ask us if you need to know anyway. Obviously, your event will be schedule when you are available, but we want you to come for the entirety of the Festival if possible – of course we understand that this may not work for you.

If you are reading this it is unlikely you haven’t told us your movements and intentions, but if you haven’t, or you want to make double sure, check in here and leave your information – including dates, travel, and more


At your Forum(s)

  • outdoor, indoor or tent-based venue for up to 500 people
  • possibly – but only under special circumstances – screen projection capacity (no slideshows allowed)
  • microphones/PA
  • one hour total time in the printed/onsite schedule (i.e. less than one hour’s discussion)
  • from one to three other speakers
  • facilitation & recording

Beyond the Forum(s)

  • comfortable accommodation for you (possibly in a cabin shared with some other speakers, or more private)
  • free event access for the rest of the event, for you and one colleague/friend
  • food for Futureperfect Festivals four days
  • lots of great experiences beyond the Program
  • opportunities to continue interaction in the Co-Creation Hub
  • one A3 display place in the Exhibition space onsite
  • discount access to additional display space in the Exhibition
  • access to the private Guest Lounge – i.e. the left-side terrace and inside the old hunting lodge of Grinda Wärdshus


At your Forum(s)

  • slide-show opportunities (PowerPoint/Keynote-free zone)
  • printout opportunities, or opportunity to handout printed material


To summarise what we want you to input to the Festival:

  • up to two Forums, by agreement, organised by specific themes, also by agreement, each of one of hour
  • content to the specific themes, which does not excessively promote your own work or projects – help us paint the big picture, and achieve engagement around that
  • co-ordination with other Speakers, and Facilitator, for your event(s), supported by us
  • your collaboration to promote the event, with your person and organisation as a Program Partner of the event, if this is not suitable please let us know


  • completion of your info in the Event Register, check
  • an A3 promotion item for your work, if you want to mount one, for the event Exhibition, send in PDF form to by 1 August
  • your action to invite your network to participate in your workshop, and the Futureperfect Festival, through buying tickets to Futureperfect Festival 14-17 August.
  • in particular visible promotion on social media: Twitter, Facebook, websites, blogs, use @_futureperfect
  • your personal and organisational bio/summary, headshot of you, logo and weblinks, send to if you haven’t already


  • a promotion kit to tell the story of the Festival to your networks
  • promotion in our marketing materials including web, Twitter/FB, poster, PR, blog
  • you / your org will be highlighted at the Futureperfect Festival with logo, website and materials


  • documentation of your input, and your logo and weblinks on Futureperfect Festival
  • invitation to FuturePerfect events throughout the year where you will be identified as Festival Partners


  • ideas, innovation, criticism around the FuturePerfect and Futureperfect Festival concept – that is, creating a new platform for serious engagement by professionals and regular people around sustainable living themes, contact us at
  • joining the FuturePerfect Ekonomisk Förening, and shaping the future of the project, at


  • Your input will be scheduled for between 10:00 and 19:00
  • The languages of the event are English and Swedish, depending on the audience.


  • If you are flying in, we will book your flight for you (unless otherwise agreed).  Please state whether you will require a ticket on your registration.
  • We will update the document to confirm your flight and preferences.


Partners are welcome to take your free ticket (see above), and thus attend the Festival free of charge. We will try to accommodate them at no cost to you, but depending on your needs, and accommodation pressures, this may not be possible and we may ask you to contribute/pay for them. Better maybe, if they have skills relevant to the Festival, please contact us so that we can factor them in, and if appropriate supply them accommodation as part of our separate arrangement with them. Children are welcome at the Festival, and we again will make efforts to find child-friendly accommodation for you together if you bring them, but may similarly have to ask for help dealing with this, so that you are satisfied. There is as yet no child-minding service as part of the Festival, though we may be able to help you arrange it. There is also no guarantee we can include kids for free, since realistically they will need to block out at least one adult bed each, possibly more (if you need a family cabin). But we’ll try to make it great – so let’s work it out. Travel for partners and children needs to be arranged closely with us, even if you are paying for part of it yourself, so we can keep on top of costs and logistics. Please put all information on the register at


If you can support the development of the Futureperfect project, and Futureperfect Festival and related actions, by contributing part of your costs or expenses, that will be gratefully received. Without the continuous support and donations, this evolving and special annual event would not be possible. We appreciate all your time and energy to keep this project running, and your decision to participate with us each year. Each contribution is very valuable to the development of this project and the growing community. Also, please consider joining the Futureperfect Economic Association / Ekonomisk Förening, which we is the core community and driving organisation of the Futureperfect projet. It costs 200 SEK / 20 EUR, and enables you both share in the development of the project – what to do, how, why, and what for – and to pursue your own enterprises, and receive share in the success of the overall project, through it. See for more details.


Your input to this event, as with almost all other contributors, is not paid, unless separately agreed. Expenses must be agreed in advance, no refunds will be given for expenses incurred without a written (emailed) agreement to specific costs by the relevant representative of Futureperfect Ekonomisk Förening (which may not be your primary contact, please check if in any doubt). This briefing describes all the responsibilities between Futureperfect Ekonomisk Förening and yourself, and your participation confirms acceptance of these terms.