CoCreation is our invitation to you to create a seminar at Futureperfect Festival. At the centre of the festival site there will be an area dedicated to open conversations where partners are invited to contribute with their content in a seminar.


The seminars are an opportunity for organisations to talk about their sustainability initiatives, suggestions of policies,  test and critique new ideas, hold open focus group discussions and much more. With a self-selected audience you can lead a discussion with the topic you choose framed around sustainable living.

question framed by you facilitation by request
possible to invite guest speakers tented venue w microphones
audience  interaction 1-2 hours seminar
invite your network promotion website, facebook, twitter & print

It is also possible to exhibit with a small market stand,  and display of A2 or A1 posters. For more details on participation, price and options contact Victoria Jonsson at victoria@futureperfect.se.


Futureperfect is our way of exploring new territories, ask important questions and elevate the debate to be about real quality of life, beyond consumerist focus. And we need you to succeed; organisations that have the courage to take part in resolving the issues of how we prepare for living within our planetary boundaries. By being a CoCreator you will gain:

  • PERSONAL INTERACTION– with your customers, and new talent that is engaged and curious, in an enjoyable and interactive format
  • INPUT– ideas, comments and insights from an engaged audience
  • PROFILE –  contribute to an emerging sustainable lifestyle with exposure to the entire festival audience (500-1500 pp)
  • SHOWCASE – showcase for your tangible achievements that probably deserve more attention
  • NETWORK– join leading brands and leading sector experts, and exclusive mingle opportunities with speakers.
  • EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION– be inspired and gain insights from experts, to support your innovation and excellence


Futureperfect Festival 2014 offers four open programs to visitors ‐ PRO-DIALOGUES, OPEN DIALOGUES, FORUMS, LIVING WELL, CO-CREATION & MUSIC. (See Program document for more descriptions)


Pro Dialogues were invented to bring together small groups of professional, already-engaged participants around advanced issues and questions in each of the themes Futureperfect is focussing on. Themes this year are: Cities, Technology, Food, Culture, Finance.  The list of speakers who have previously contributed to Futureperfect is now around 150 people – all of whom leaders in their area of expertise. The point of the Pro Dialogues is to create a space, for those already practicing and working (or studying) in the area under discussion, for developing further expertise and new focus, as well as growing their network, by interacting with other experts.


We don’t need to break even through ticket sales this year – so to boost numbers I would like you to be able to bring new (and seasoned) listeners around you, so I invite you use an upgraded guest pass concept for those you most want to participate. Tell them to come to the event, mention your name as a password, and they will be given a guest ticket.
Guests also have free access to our Guest Camping option, which is a large, shared tent, with floor and decoration, near to the contributors and amenities (kitchen and showers): only bring a sleeping bag, bed roll, and towel in this case, to stay for the whole event.
For less close associates, feel free to promote widely the discount code 20pc, which gives a 20% discount when applied on the website.


The format of the Pro Dialogues is to enable the exchange of experience, viewpoints, ideas, and criticism in a fluent way.   The seats are arranged in a circular format, there are few speakers per theme,  with one or more moderators. and an audience of no more than 25 professionals.   The experience is divided into three components, between 10.00 and 17.00, with an hour for lunch. Everyone is welcome to contribute at any time. The outline schedule is this: 10:00: Dialogues Opening Session 13:00: Lunch 14:00: Futurelab 16:00: Dialogues Closing Session 17:00: > Participants are invited to continue their dialogues at the Co-Creation Hub. The following are more specific details of each component of the day.


This is a two-hour period, with a group of leading speakers for each hour, divided by a break. Best practice and contemporary questions in the specific theme are presented by the speakers, and the moderator will then lead a discussion and investigation of this input, by asking further questions and bringing questions and viewpoints from the audience into the debate.   The speakers are invited to share a brief input of no more than 10 minutes each, to seed and then to help to lead the conversation to interesting discussion and exchange. The emphasis in this phase is to raise issues, and explore them.   At the end of the session, and during lunch, moderators will ask participants and speakers to form small groups of their own choosing of between 3-5 people, for the Futurelab conversation.


The Futurelab is a one hour discussion in small groups, with the support from professional facilitators, to clarify how we move from the issues of today, to the best practice and achievements of tomorrow.   The goals of the session is to define tomorrow’s questions and principles that will help us shape the sustainable society of tomorrow.


The Pro Dialogues close brings all small groups from the Futurelab together, across the three simultaneous themes, in a reporting format, to discuss tomorrow’s questions that emerge in the Futurelab exchange.   The aim of this session is to bring up collaborative, action-focussed potential – to reveal how the participants can work together, and to strengthen the links and networks made during the day.


  • Keep in touch with your host (the person from whom you received this document) to check any information before the event, and if in doubt, write to info@futureperfect.se.
  • During the event, if you have questions, liaise closely with the moderator of your session (whom your host should link you to), and if in doubt, find a host in Grinda Wärdshus (wearing a Futureperfect host badge, not Grinda Wärdshus staff).
  • Please be present at Grinda Wärdshus from 09.30 on the day of  your input unless otherwise agreed, and be available until at least 12.30. You are encouraged to be present for the whole of the Pro Dialogue, until 17.00, and to be available for side discussions with all participants. Signs will indicate where to gather.
  • Futureperfect events strongly encourage the avoidance of PowerPoint or any kind of speaking aid, by speakers. If you want to use slides with your presentation, we may be able to include a few images on a slide-project, but please contact Program Director John Manoochehri, jm@futureperfect.se to discuss in advance. We have had the most complex content presented without slides to date, and we believe this encourages more engaging interaction.
  • You should prepare to input for no more than 10 minutes (jointly with your colleague if you come as a team). Be ready to input more material througout the hour that you are leading. The moderator will help you to be the centre of the conversation. You are requested with your initial input, and in the discussion, to lead the conversation towards an understanding of the achievements and challenges in the overall field, not just review of your work. The rest of the Pro Dialogue – trying to define tomorrow’s questions in the Futurelab groups, and the potential for collaboration to achieve them – relies on the relevance of this input and the discussion around it.
  • Please interact and develop ideas and an informal plan with your moderator and fellow speakers. Your moderator and/or host will put you in touch with each other.
  • If you want to display or distribute printed material, please arrange this by 9 August with the Co-Creation hub, cocreate@futureperfect.se. There will not be any opportunity to display or distribute material inside Grinda Wärdshus.
  • For listing of basic information, including details of food and accommodation, please see the Basic Info pack.
  • We recommend travel from Stockholm Strömkajen (opposite the Grand Hotel) at 08:00 on Waxholmsbolaget ferry to Grinda. The trip takes 1 hour 30 minutes and ticket is purchased on board. It is then only a short 10 minute walk to the event. You are encouraged to be present for the whole event until 19:00 to see the Forum that closes each day.